Shiny Sensation's
About us
Shiny Sensations originally started as Dobermannkennel Van Avendia (1989. Until 2006 quit a few litters were bred at this name.

Visiting the UK at the Supeta's Dobermannkennel I for the first time got in contact with Whippets. Supeta's turned out not only to be a Dobermann breeder but also a Whippet breeder. From the first moment I was impressed by this velvet feeling, graceful dogs.
From that moment I decided, one day I want to have a Whippet, and this moment came sooner than I thought. Within a couple of years a puppy walked into my office and into my heart, Kayla was totally not impressed by the big Dobermanns walking around. She stayed right away and my love for the Whippet grew really quickly. Because Kayla was a Running-Whippet I could not really s how and at that moment I really would like to be able to show Whippets. Therefore I contacted my friend in the UK again, I asked Sue Mycroft of Supeta's Whippets to help me to get a show Whippet.

After a couple of months, the second Whippet arrived, Supeta's Billie Jean, a beautiful bitch!
In 2008 we mated her to Boxing Helena's Epos Pente and decided to keep 2 puppies out of this combination. In 2009 Kayla got mated by accident by Billie's son, again one puppy stayed.  In 2010 nr. 6 arrived, again a Supeta's Whippet, Supeta's Ziggylicious. In December 2010 another litter was born out of Billie & Pax (Boxing Helena's Imenitny), out of this litter we kept a bitch, Adyra (Shiny Sensation's Golden Sunset)

So Eric and I have a nice Whippet family, although we love showing, the most we love to have them around us all the time.