Shiny Sensation's
October 20, Great news, 6 days after gaining his German Title Ziggy (Supeta's Ziggylicious) became CAC/CACIB/BOS in Utrecht jugded by Mrs. N. Bleys-Por.

Now Ziggy also is a Dutch & Danish Champion

At the same show Santo (Boxing Helena's Kon Ardore) became 1Ex in youthclass gaining his second youth CAC
October 12 & 13    2012

Another great weekend for Shiny Sensation's (and Boxing Helena's) Santo (Boxing Helana's Kon Ardore) became BundesJugendsieger 2012

Ziggy (Supeta's Ziggylicious) became 1Ex. & CAC at the National show and became GERMAN CHAMPION by this result

Shiny Sensation's Dawning Sun won Intermediate class at the National Show
September 16, 2012
A good weekend at the Int. show in Vejen Denmark, Ziggy (Supeta's Ziggylicious) did well again he got CAC/CACIB/BOS by judge Mrs. D. Kenis-Pordham. Shanty (Shiny Sensation's First Sensation) became 1Ex. in Championsclass. Thanks Bart for your great company, for making the pictures and big congratulations for your results with Cirneco del Etna Multi.CH. Boxing Helena's Gieffeffe, 2 times BOB and 2e BIG at Sunday!!!!! -
September 8 & 9, 2012
A great weekend in Germany, Especially the results of Ziggy (Supeta's Ziggylicious) were great. At saturday he won CAC at the show in Erkrath-Hochdal judge Mr. Buitenkamp, at sunday he won CAC/BOB and 2e BIG at the show in Krefeld (judge mrs. Doris Getzinger (A) and groupjudge Mr. Eberhard (G).

The other "Shiny Sensation's" also did well, Shiny Sensation's Dutch Sensation (Lia) owned and showed by Anne Junick became 2e in puppyclass,
Shiny Sensation's Sunshine became 2e both days in Intermediate.
Our "stepson" Boxing Helena's Kon Adore won his class at sunday and became German Youthchampion and Junior Rheinlandsieger.
Home from a lovely holiday, starting in Germany, Hanover saturday 21th July, Ziggy becomming BOB, judged by mr. Buitenkamp.

Then 4 summer night shows in Split, Croatia, lovely weather, lovely atmospher and a lovely new Croation Champion Shiny Sensations First Sensation (Shanty).

What a good way to spent your holiday!
July 16, 2012

A great day at the show in Munster, Germany, judge Mr. Henne liked our boy Supeta's Ziggylicios and made him Best of Breed!
June 11, 2012
A great day at the show in Hulten(NL) judge mr. De Wilde (B)
Shadow (Shiny Sensation's First Challenge) CAC/CACIB/BOS
Adyra (Shiny Sensation's Golden Sunset) Ex.1 (interm)
Shanty (Shiny Sensation's First Sensation) Ex. 1 res. CACIB

The second show this weekend made it a great weekend! At the show in Lommel again good results by judge Gino Decruy:
Ziggy (Supeta's Ziggylicious) won open class and gained res. CAC behind Boxing Helena's Jester Joy who became BOS.
Shadow (Shiny Sensation's First Challenge) 1Ex. (ch,cl)
Adyra (Shiny Sensation's Golden Sunset) 1Ex (int.)
Shanty (Shiny Sensation's First Sensation) 1Ex. ( res. CAC

Picture by Michele Wybou